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When disaster strikes-call CPR in Nashville First

tornadoTime is your enemy. We’re not kidding! If you have an emergency situation with fire, water or mold, stop now and call us immediately at 615-866-7989! One of the things most people don’t realize is that time is of the essence when disaster strikes and you need the best property restoration company in Nashville on your side. You have found it: Choice Property Restoration, LLC.

Over 35 Years in Restoration & Construction

With over 35 years experience in the restoration and construction industry, we believe we can match and surpass any restoration business in and around Nashville and the state of Tennessee. Members of our staff have at least 10 years experience in the field and everyone has Clean Trust certifications as well as IICRC training.

Issues Created by Not Acting Quickly

What that means for the consumer and/or business going through an emergency situation is they can rest in knowing that we will bring with us the latest in testing technologies as well as cleaning and repair so you do it once, and only once! There is nothing as discouraging as going through a disaster and thinking everything is taken care of only to come back in a couple of years and find out it really was not taken care of and problems remain. Issues can also be created by not doing the removal, cleanup and drying correctly. So there are clearly things that must be done right the first time. We pride ourselves on doing just that.

Deal with a Local Company that Cares

Choice Property Restoration, LLC is a locally owned and operated company. We live and work in your community and strive to make us all safer and ready to respond, not if, but when something happens. We offer a complete response analysis at no charge for businesses and consumers alike that would like to have a road map of what to do and who to call when an emergency situation arises. Call CPR at 615-866-7989! or schedule an appointment today. We’re the company that responds in a heart beat!


If you are in need of restoration or emergency services in your home or business, call on Choice Property Restoration for immediate help that will put your mind at ease.


Ready Response.

Our trusted team of property restoration experts are standing at the ready to respond immediately when you have a need. We work with all insurance companies to provide fast, comprehensive and critical care to our customers. Things happen. When they do, call us first.
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