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We may live in a digital world these days, but we still keep plenty of important, irreplaceable and treasured documents in our homes and businesses that we don’t want — or can’t bear — to lose.

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Paper can be very fragile, and after flood damage, it’s easy to assume that important paper items — files, books, documents, blueprints — are a total loss and must be disposed of once they get wet. That isn’t always the case. With swift action, Choice Property Restoration can save and restore many flood-damaged documents.

Call us as soon as flood damage or other kinds of water intrusion occur — we’re available to “respond in a heartbeat,” 24 hours a day, every day of the year. And quick response can absolutely mean the difference between saving important documents and losing them to water damage.

Caution: Call Us Before You Touch Or Move Documents

When flood waters or other kinds of moisture take over your home or business, your natural reaction will probably be to pull as many of those important documents as you can out of the water or moisture. But we can’t stress it enough: Don’t move those wet documents.

Paper can be very fragile, especially when it’s wet, and there’s a good chance you’ll do more damage than good if you attempt to move those documents. The professionals at Choice Property Restoration are trained to handle flood-damaged documents without damaging them. Call us first, and we’ll inspect the damage and develop a plan to salvage and restore the contents of the structure, including documents.

Document Restoration With The Industry’s Best Tools

Restoring flood-damaged documents means drying them quickly, in a way that minimizes swelling and warping, avoids tearing and disintegration and ensures that valuable papers don’t stick together.

At Choice Property Restoration, we use some of the industry’s best tools to quickly and thoroughly dry documents, minimize damage and, when possible, restore them to a pre-loss (or close to pre-loss) state. It’s not possible to completely restore all flood-damaged documents, but our technicians will do everything in their power to help.

Processes Choice Property Restoration technicians may use include:

Drying with a range of powerful dehumidifiers, including desiccant dehumidifiers
Freezer drying
Vacuum freeze drying
And more

When your valuable or treasured documents have been damaged by water, call Choice Property Restoration — we’re here for you 24 hours a day!


Choice Property Restoration has the experience to help with restoring water-damaged art and other specialty items from your home or office, so call us today.

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Our trusted team of property restoration experts are standing at the ready to respond immediately when you have a need. We work with all insurance companies to provide fast, comprehensive and critical care to our customers. Things happen. When they do, call us first.
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