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Blinds & Drapery

Careful Cleaning, Thorough Cleaning, From Choice Property Restoration

You put a lot of thought into choosing your fine fabric drapery or your custom-fitted blinds, so we know you don’t want anyone treating them with disregard. Choice Property Restoration technicians are trained in a variety of different cleaning methods, each aimed at providing the right level of cleaning without harming different materials.

If you’re frustrated by dingy, dirty window treatments, we can develop a cleaning approach that’s aimed at avoiding damage, discoloration, shrinking, tearing or warping, while still freshening and cleaning your blinds or drapes thoroughly. We don’t just spot clean — our technicians work to remove stains and to brighten your window treatments overall.

Whether you have highly-delicate fabrics, drapes that pose a colorfastness issue or blinds that won’t react well to moisture, we’ll carefully choose the right cleaning approach and renew the look of your window treatments.

A Clean Home Doesn’t Ensure Clean Window Treatments

Even if you keep an impeccably clean home, it’s natural for window treatments to pick up dirt and grime — cooking grease byproducts, smoke, dust and other particles that float in the air tend to get drawn to your blinds and drapes, helped along in part by air pressure differentiation between the window and your treatments. (It happens even with energy-efficient windows and doors.) Since blinds and drapes tend to be harder to thoroughly clean than, say, countertops and other flat surfaces, that grime often gets a chance to build up, too — and the heat and sun coming from the window can set that dirt in.

Professional cleaning can freshen and brighten those window treatments and help protect them going forward as well.

Items We Can Clean For You

Roman shades
Pleated shades
Roller shades
Vertical and horizontal blinds
Shutters (including plantation shutters)
And more! Let us know what you need — we can help.

Professional Cleaning Helps Your Window Treatments Last Longer

Manufacturers recommend regular professional cleaning for fine window treatments, to ensure that soiling doesn’t get a chance to permanently affect the original color or texture of the materials used. We know your window treatments were an investment in making your home or business look its best, and we want to help you make that investment last as long as possible.

Choice Property Restoration can clean your blinds and drapery without damaging them. Call us today!


Think it’s time to have your hard floors really cleaned? At CPR, we look forward to making your floors look like new, so we invite you to schedule a cleaning today.

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