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Thermal Imaging or Thermography to Find Leaks

Finding and ridding a home of troubling leaks takes more than just our eyes. We might notice that a leak is present by seeing water damage in ceilings, walls and floors, but repairing a sagging ceiling or mildew-y carpet doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ve dealt with the source of leak that caused that damage.

Leaks can sometimes hide in walls or ceilings, and without invasive measures — like removing drywall and insulation — you might not know those leaks are present. Choice Property Restoration makes use of special thermal imaging cameras to uncover hidden leaks and pooling water, without having to resort to more invasive measures.

Why It’s Important To Find All Sources Of Leaks

The look and stability of the structure of your home is an important consideration, but that isn’t the only concern. Even if a leak is small, it can produce enough moisture to lead to mold growth — and black mold is known to contribute to respiratory problems, allergies and a variety of other health issues.

Part of Choice Property Restoration’s mold remediation process includes ridding a home of mold — or preventing it from growing in the first place — by robbing that mold of its access to moisture. We can help solve moisture and potential mold issues by finding leaks, repairing them and restoring any water-damaged or mold-covered areas. And our thermal imaging cameras ensure that hidden leaks are discovered without unnecessary damage to or removal of parts of your walls, ceilings or floors.

How Thermal Imaging Cameras Work

A thermal imaging camera doesn’t detect mold directly: It detects moisture, by showing a visual representation of the temperature of what it’s scanning. Those temperatures register as different colors: brighter reds and yellows on the warmer side, deeper purples and blues for cooler temperatures. Wet drywall or wood will be cooler than dry materials, so as a thermal imaging camera scans your room, wet areas will register in a deeper, darker hue. With the help of thermal imaging, we’ll know where your moisture problems are, and how to approach solving those problems.

The cameras Choice Property Restoration uses are highly sensitive, and can distinguish a difference of a small fraction of a degree. So if there’s a leak hiding in your walls or ceiling, we can find it.


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