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Flood & Water? Hire Professionals to Clean Up & Restore

Flooding/water damage can come from many sources—burst pipes, overflowing washing machine, excessive rainfall, dam breaches, sewage malfunction, etc.— and each one must be handled in a different manner. This is because of the levels of original contamination and what the materials they pass through contain. We’re happy to answer questions about our flood and water damage restoration services:

Water & Floors Do Not Mix

Excess water inside a property of any kind can harm the floors drastically. The situation becomes especially critical if the flooring is wood. Water migrates to the lowest area possible allowing it to seep under the floor, which causes it to cup or bow and sometimes lift completely.  This can happen days after you think you have dried it out when a professional is not called.

Tile and grout can also be damaged. There can be discoloration and staining as well as weakening of the adhesive bond to the sub-floor and that can cause popping and cracking of the tile over time.

Carpet can stain and delaminate, which pulls the backing away from the woven fabric. When this happens, replacement is required. It is always best to have your damage evaluated by a certified technician to avoid these costly issues coming back to haunt you when you think everything has been taken care of.

Other Water Damage to be Aware of

Water also seeps inside the walls making them a dark, moist feeding ground for bacteria and mold when not dried properly. Inject I Dry units are used to force warmer dryer air into the chamber to allow it to dry from the inside-out.

Leaking ceilings are some of the most common water damage done in a home. Water can come from roof leaks to dripping pipes. CPR can quickly help take care of ceiling damage. Just call a CPR representative and we’ll be there in a heartbeat!


Finding the source of a mysterious water leak may require the special skills and tools available only from the pros. That would be a great time to call on CPR to help resolve this kind of water damage.

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