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Flood water is particularly difficult to deal with because damage doesn’t tend to stay confined to a few rooms but spreads throughout the entire structure. It’s important for flood damage to your home to be properly and professionally cleaned and restored, to avoid more widespread damage to your interior contents and the growth of dangerous mold. But beyond that, proper cleanup will help avoid damage that undermines the integrity of the structure itself.

The longer water and moisture remains in a structure, the more extensive the damage, and the more extensive repairs are needed. Choice Property Restoration can provide faster, more thorough flood cleanup and restoration services that can help stop widespread structure damage.

Your Home Wasn’t Built To Withstand Long Exposure To Water

The key to protecting a structure after a flood is fast and thorough cleanup. While buildings are designed with protective measures meant to mitigate water damage, the materials that make up a home or business’ structure aren’t designed for lengthy exposure to moisture. Wood will warp and swell; drywall can disintegrate; ceilings can droop and crumble. Without proper cleaning and drying, mold can develop and mud and sewage can contaminate the building materials and the air. The services Choice Property Restoration provides aren’t just designed to protect your structure, but the people in it as well.

Tools Choice Property Restoration Uses To Dry And Restore A Flooded Structure

Our technicians make use of high-tech drying equipment that removes moisture as quickly as possible, and high-tech thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters that ensure the structure is dry.

Tools used in your cleanup can include:

– High-speed air movers that encourage evaporation and airflow across the structure and materials in that structure.

– Wall Injection system that injects air between studs to dry and potentially save building materials

– Rescue Mats designed to pull water vapors out of wood flooring

– Industrial dehumidifiers that further inhibit secondary water damage, such as mold and buckling floors

– Thermo-hygrometers used to measure temperature and relative humidity

Our technicians are trained in state-of-the-art drying techniques, and our company has been restoring flooded structures for more than 35 years.

What You Should Know About Flood Water Damage

All types of water damage aren’t the same. If your structure is flooded with water from a roof leak or busted pipe, it’s usually considered clean water damage. This still needs to be cleaned and restored properly as soon as possible to avoid more widespread damage and mold growth, but working with the damaged materials is less hazardous than it would be under other circumstances.

Gray water and black water damage are more dangerous, and more difficult. Gray water damage results from water that’s slightly contaminated — washing machine or tub water, for instance. Homeowners should use safety precautions (protect your skin, eyes and lungs) when working with gray-water-damaged materials directly.

Black water damage is the most troubling, and the most dangerous. Black water can include flood waters and sewage, and that water by and large is filled with bacteria and chemicals that can be toxic, even deadly. Black water cleanup and remediation is best left to professionals with protective clothing.

Protect the structural integrity of your home or business. If you’ve experienced flood damage, call Choice Property Restoration.


The more quickly you can deal with water-damaged floors and carpet, the better. Our flood cleanup and restoration experts are ready to help in a heartbeat!

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