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Air Ducts & HVAC

Since the air ducts in your home or business tend to be somewhat (or, often enough, all the way) hidden, there can be an “out of sight, out of mind” sense that comes along with them. But you might be surprised: Ignoring your air ducts can have negative effects.

Blockage from debris can lower your HVAC system’s efficiency, costing you more money and contributing to energy waste. Dirty ducts will also continually send dust, pet dander and other allergens all around your house, often making asthma and allergy sufferers’ symptoms much worse. Beyond that, having excess dirt and dust circulated again and again can contribute to unwanted smells and an all-around dirtier home.

A professionally-cleaned air duct system can bring increased efficiency, cleaner, fresher air and decreased allergy or asthma symptoms. And when you’re ready to have your air ducts cleaned, Choice Property Restoration is here to help.

Why It’s Important To Hire Experienced Professionals

Air Vent Cleaning isn’t as simple as it sounds — to do the work properly, you need the right tools and the right training. Unprofessional or untrained technicians without the proper equipment could do an inadequate job, or, far worse, might cause damage to the ducts, leaving you with expensive repairs to deal with.

Choice Property Restoration technicians have the training and the tools to do the job right.

Mold: It Can Grow In Your Air Ducts

You might think that mold only colonizes in bathrooms or on drywall, but mold can and does grow in ducts, often on and around insulation. And as you can imagine, that’s a particularly troubling situation, since your ducts are then blowing mold spores around your living area or place of business.

Mold is known for contributing to an array of health issues, asthma, allergies and respiratory inflammation among them. If someone around you is experiencing any of those issues, consider the possibility that mold might be hiding somewhere in the building — including your air ducts.

Professional technicians, like those at Choice Property Restoration, can test for mold and let you know for sure if you’re dealing with mold colonization. We know how to properly and safely work with mold, how to get rid of your problems and ensure that they don’t return. That can include everything from cleaning surfaces to removing and replacing insulation. Throughout any mold cleaning process, our technicians are diligent about containing everything they’re cleaning, so that mold spores aren’t spread further.

If your air ducts need cleaning, call Choice Property Restoration — our experienced, trained technicians would love to help!


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