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Hard Floors

Sweeping and mopping can make your hard floors look relatively clean week to week, but it leaves behind dirt and bacteria that burrows into cracks and gaps and gets ground into any small imperfections. When you want or need your hard floors to be truly clean, Choice Property Restoration can help.

A regular professional floor cleaning will help make your home or business more pleasant to be in, and can help extend the life of the floor itself. The most obvious benefit though: When our skilled technicians have completed the job, your floors will sparkle and your room (or rooms) will look like they’re brand new again.

Deep Cleaning Hard Wood Floors

Getting hard wood floors truly clean is a multi-step process, starting with a diligent vacuuming to remove set in or loose dry dirt and particles. We focus on problem areas with detailed scrubbing, and clean the entirety of your floor with specially-formulated wood cleaners that provide a thorough cleaning without harming the wood.

Hard wood floors are beautiful and are designed to be pretty durable, but when you’re cleaning wood, extra care does need to be taken. Wood doesn’t like certain chemicals or excess moisture, and since your floors were and are a considerable investment, it’s important to use the right tools, the right cleansers and the right methods. Our IICRC-trained technicians are armed to do a thorough and thoroughly safe job of cleaning your wood floors.

Deep Cleaning Tile And Grout

We often use tile in kitchens and bathrooms because it holds up particularly well to moisture and grime. But over time, grout lines, in particular, can hold in dirt and stains and start to make the whole room look dingy and grimy.

Grout itself is porous, so spills and dirt will get absorbed and embedded deep down in the grout, even with regular cleaning. Simple vacuuming and floor cleaner can’t get that kind of dirt and staining out — but our tile and grout cleaning processes can.

Choice Property Restoration technicians use the industry’s best tools on all our cleaning and restoration jobs, and with the proper techniques and safe but effective cleansers, we can get deep into your grout lines to pull up dirt, stains and bacteria for a fresh-looking and fresh-smelling floor.

Sealing grout after cleaning also ensures that your tile floors stay cleaner and water-resistant longer.

If your hard floors need a deep, thorough cleaning, call Choice Property Restoration — we can bring new life to your hard floors with safe and effective professional cleaning!


Even ceilings and walls need to be well-cleaned every so often. If it’s time for you to schedule this cleaning chore, give us a call.

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