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Choice Property Restoration technicians deal with some of the most complex home and business repairs imaginable, in buildings that are ravaged by fires and flood waters, overtaken by mold or battered in terrible storms. We take pride in handling those repairs in stride, responding “in a heartbeat” to home and business owners who need us in an emergency.

Our skilled technicians’ services aren’t just limited to emergency repairs though. When you’re looking for experienced professionals to take on general repairs or deferred maintenance issues, we can help there, too — and you know that if we can ably handle repairs after a catastrophic fire or flood, we can handle whatever repair job you need.

Just A Few Of The Repair Services We Can Provide

Storm repairs
We deal with a lot of storm damage repairs here at Choice Property Restoration, because we’ve developed a reputation for being there whenever our customers need us — any hour of the day, any day of the week. If a tree falls on your roof and you need that roof tarped and repaired, we’re here for you.

Deferred maintenance
The Nashville area is stocked with beautiful historic homes, and we love their charm and history just as much as you do. That history can come with its share of issues though, from former homeowners’ deferred maintenance to the general wear that comes with standing up to Tennessee weather decade after decade. We want to help you love your historic home without the repair headaches that can often come with them. Floor to ceiling, we can help.

Water damage
Floods aren’t the only causes of water damage — you might have a water main break or a toilet overflow that creates the need for expert repairs and expert technicians who know how to deal with water. We’ll not only repair the cause of that damage, we’ll fix the aftermath, too, and make your home or business whole again.

Why Choice Property Restoration?

Our technicians are trained to expertly handle the worst that can happen to your home or business: namely, floods and fires that can quickly spread damage throughout a structure. When you’re dealing with the worst in damage, you have to be the best when it comes to repairs — bringing a structure back to looking and functioning as it should after a catastrophic event means considering every part of it carefully and not missing a step in your work.

Every one of our staff members has more than 10 years of experience in the restoration and construction industries, and we’re dedicated to providing them with continued training to ensure that their experience and expertise only grows. We also arm our technicians with the best equipment our industries have to offer, from high-tech dehumidifiers to thermal imaging cameras. Our aim is send the best technicians to your home or business, using the best practices and the best tools, to provide you with the best service.

Whether your repair needs are big or small, call Choice Property Restoration. We’d love to help!


Even if you haven’t suffered any damage to your home, CPR can help with both major and minor remodeling projects. We’re really proud to be able to offer this additional service to new and existing customers. Let’s talk about it today!

Ready Response.

Our trusted team of property restoration experts are standing at the ready to respond immediately when you have a need. We work with all insurance companies to provide fast, comprehensive and critical care to our customers. Things happen. When they do, call us first.
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