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Mold Detection & Removal

We’ve all become more aware in recent years of the dangers of indoor mold growth. Mycotoxins — or the toxic, airborne chemicals produced by certain kinds of mold — have been known to cause a variety of health problems when people are exposed to them, including respiratory inflammation, asthma, allergies and other issues. So it’s important, as a home or business owner, to be aware of any mold issues where you live or work.

Our mold services, including the following, are very thorough:

Homes in the Nashville area — particularly in recent years — easily become breeding grounds for mold, given our high levels of humidity and the rainy springs and summers we’ve had. Building materials like drywall, wood and insulation can hold on to moisture and create a welcoming environment that feeds mold and allows it to thrive and multiply.

Since mycotoxins spread through the air, it can be dangerous to work in areas that have become homes to mold colonies. It’s difficult to tell the difference, with the naked eye, between more dangerous molds and more benign ones (although in general, there is no “good” wall, floor or ceiling mold growth). When suspected mold colonies are found in a building, it’s recommended that testing, remediation and removal is left to professionals. The experienced technicians at Choice Property Restoration have been trained to properly detect and test for mold, to safely remove it, and prevent it from returning.

Ridding Your Home of Mold Starts With Detection

At the first signs of potential mold issues, call Choice Property Restoration — our technicians can inspect your problem areas, determine the extent of your mold issues, the type of mold you’re dealing with and what’s contributing to that mold problem.

The latter is a key part of this process — removing mold is pointless if we don’t address the problem that’s leading to the moisture feeding that mold. Our technicians use state-of-the-art moisture detection tools including thermal imaging cameras and digital hygrometers that can determine the level of humidity in a space and find leaks that might be hiding behind building materials. With the processes we use, we can find any and all moisture issues, and provide ways to correct them.

Removing Mold Safely And Completely

Proper mold mitigation and remediation is a detailed process — it requires knowing what materials can be properly cleaned and what needs replacing, how to effectively rid building materials of mold colonies, and an impeccable focus on containment, so those mold spores can’t spread throughout the space and colonize again.

Our technicians use the industry’s best tools and practices, and our company has more than 35 years of experience thoroughly getting rid of mold issues in homes and businesses.

If you’re dealing with mold issues — or think you might have a mold problem — give Choice Property Restoration a call. We’re here to help!


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