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The Challenges of Keeping Those Basements & Crawlspaces Dry

Call it the dungeon or the underworld, whatever you call it, just hope you can call it dry!  Most basements and crawl spaces are not built for living conditions therefore they often have much more exposure to outdoor elements.  Whether you have straight dirt floors, air vents, sump pumps or vapor barriers, these areas of your home are rarely ventured into and commonly are the culprits that harbor moisture issues, microbial growth (the dreaded M word Mold,) bacteria, flooding, unseen sewage leaks and even pests and rodents that can wreak havoc on your home.

How Water Gets In

The combination of a heavy spring rain and a failed sump pump or the lack of a good vapor barrier can be all that will stand between you and an unseen part of your home being filled with water.  A single occurrence of standing water in your crawl space may not cause immediate damage, but over time as the humidity level rises, it creates the perfect environment for more serious issues in your home.  Water that stands in a basement or crawlspace can, over a short period of time, become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.

Bacteria & Mold

moldThese nasty microbials only need a few things to survive and thrive.  First, moisture. Well welcome to Tennessee, where one minute it is 70 degrees in February , 28 degrees and snowing in March, then flooding with torrential rains in April and May and let’s not forget our humidity level. So check that off the list, we have moisture covered!  Second, dark. Well, unless you are in a house made of glass, generally the basement and crawl space areas are pretty dark and there isn’t a quick economical fix for that one, unless you want that “freshly busted out wall” look to your home or business. Lastly, food source. From the wood beams to the paper-backed insulation, these are the perfect food sources for a nice salad and mushrooms to start growing under your home.

Structure & Health Concerns

This can cause structural decay from moisture and growth as well as heath concerns in the home because often your air ducting is run through the crawlspace or basement.  If that duct line has a crack or a hole, a line has dropped from the boot etc, those bacteria and mold spores are now making their way into your home via the HVAC system. This is yet another dark, damp place to breed and cause issues from strain on the HVAC to allergy-type symptoms and some even more severe.

To ensure that you don’t have these issues, check your basement or crawlspace at least quarterly.  If you find signs of any type of moisture or growth in these areas, call CPR to come and evaluate your options.  It may be as simple as replacing a faulty or worn vapor barrier, all the way to rerouting a natural spring under the building.  Proper venting and dehumidification options are also available and a certified professional will be able to make your basement or crawl space a much less hazardous place to be for the health of you and your home.


Water damage to your home or office may be extensive enough that it threatens the integrity of the entire structure. Our years of experience with flood cleanup and restoration allows us to assess the damage and make some reliable recommendations for what needs to be done.

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