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Ceilings & Walls

When you’re looking at stains or grime on your walls or ceiling, you might be feeling that the only way you can make your space fresh and livable again is to repaint or tear down stubborn wallpaper. But there‚Äôs another, better way: professional cleaning from experienced, IICRC-trained Choice Property Restoration technicians.

A Few Contributors To Stained, Dingy Ceilings And Walls

Lengthy and repeated exposure to cigarette smoke will add a dingy yellow or pale brown tint to walls and ceilings, and that’s just the start of nicotine’s negative effects. Those stains come along with a persistent odor and compromised air quality that can be particularly troubling to people with respiratory issues or illnesses. Even if you’re a smoker, you probably still don’t love the dingy look years of indoor smoking will lend to your home. And if you’re trying to sell a home, those nicotine stains and that smoky smell could be the difference between selling and sending perspective buyers running.

Our IICRC-certified cleaning technicians use proven, safe methods to get rid of that dingy nicotine tint, minimize or remove odors and improve the air quality in smoke-heavy rooms. Our cleaning processes are ultimately more effective than painting — instead of just covering up smells and particulates that have infused into your walls, we’re safely and efficiently removing them.

Furnace “Puff-Back” And Other Oil Residues

Avid cooks often end up with an unfortunate byproduct in their kitchen: oil residue on the walls and ceilings. And even the most dedicated scrubbing often can’t completely remove that residue, since oil tends to be extremely stubborn.

Simple cooking residue isn’t the only oil-related trouble we see on walls and ceilings — furnace puff-backs are common, frustrating issues as well. The most simple explanation: After the appliance misfires, burnt fuel oil is pushed through the heating vent system, with residue getting spread throughout the vents and the home, often on walls and ceilings. That residue looks black, sticky and sooty, carries a strong, unpleasant odor and is extremely difficult to clean. But Choice Property Restoration technicians have the tools and the skills to do the job.

We can safely and thoroughly remove oil residue of all kinds, on all surfaces. You don’t have to live with the stains and smells, and painting or refinishing the whole house isn’t your only option.

Professional cleaning will not only make your ceilings and walls look better, it’ll make your home healthier. We use effective cleaning methods that sanitize surfaces and make them more hygienic — along with freshening their appearance.

If your walls or ceilings are stained, dingy or dirty, Choice Property Restoration can help. Our trained cleaning technicians can safely and effectively bring new life to your space. Call us today!


Just because you can’t see inside them doesn’t mean your air ducts don’t need to be cleaned. Call us today to schedule this professional cleaning service…you’ll be glad you did!

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