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Smoke Damage

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire can be frustrating, confusing, intimidating and, beyond all, frightening. Choice Property Restoration aims to take the guess work out of taking control of this difficult situation, and doing the most possible to minimize losses and further damage.

We start by being ready to “respond in a heartbeat,” and with any type of emergency service like this — from flood to fire damage — quick action is key to achieving the best possible results.

After a fire’s initial damage, in a matter of just a few hours, smoke and soot can cause significant additional damage, from tarnished appliances and oxidation to set-in odors. Treating smoke damage quickly and correctly can help ensure that your home or business is free of odors and additional damage.

Professional Action And Assessment Is The Best First Step

Smoke damage is complex, because the entirety of smoke’s effects on a structure won’t necessarily be readily apparent. An experienced, trained professional will be able to inspect a structure and determine how and where smoke has caused damage. This can and often does include damage hidden deep in the wall cavities, and that can travel from floor to ceiling, one side of the structure to the other.

Types of smoke damage — and what’s needed to combat that damage — can vary greatly as well.

Different kinds of damage:

Dry smoke residue – a particularly hot, fast-moving fire will create dryer, often powdery residue.

Wet smoke residue – akin to the sticky creosote deposits that result from burning green wood in your fireplace, this residue comes from cooler, smoldering fires, and can be particularly difficult to combat.

Choice Property Restoration technicians will assess each situation individually to develop the right restoration procedures. That includes swiftly responding to emergency calls, determining what in the structure can be restored and what needs to be replaced, inspecting and protecting unaffected areas and determining the type of smoke damage and the safest and most effective approach to cleaning and restoration.

If you’re dealing with smoke damage, call Choice Property Restoration — our experienced technicians are ready to help.


CPR is a professional company certified in fire restoration procedures and we know exactly what needs to be done to deal with fire damage in your home or office. Call on us for reliable service in restorations and in emergencies.

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