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From clothing to drapery, we spend a lot of money, time and energy collecting the textiles in our homes. That’s just a part of why the thought of losing those items in a flood or to other types of water damage is frustrating and saddening. Certain items also have high sentimental value: your wedding dress or tuxedo, treasured baby clothes, the quilt your grandmother pieced for you when you were a child.

There’s a lot to consider when textiles are damaged by water, from the type of water that’s gotten into your home or business to the properties of the textiles themselves. But Choice Property Restoration technicians are experts when it comes to cleaning and restoring textiles, from everyday items to fine fabrics. If water intrusion has damaged your textile belongings, we can help.

Choice Property Restoration Considers Your Textiles Individually

Each and every item that needs to be restored is individually and carefully inspected by experienced, expertly trained Choice Property Restoration technicians, and depending on the needs of that item, we’ll choose a cleaning method that achieves the most effective restoration without causing further damage. That can include dry cleaning, for particularly delicate fabrics or foam cleaning, an effective and safe method for many different kinds of textiles; and other methods.

Stains, Odors And Bacteria Or Mold: Water Damage Is Multifaceted

There are several issues that we have to consider when restoring textiles after flooding or water intrusion. We need to properly dry those items to avoid further damage, and clean to remove visible stains and remove or prevent odors. But in determining our restoration approach, we also need to consider secondary damage, including exposure to bacteria that may have been transferred by contaminated water.

Part of that consideration includes inspecting your individual water damage. Clean water — water that, for instance, came out of a broken sink pipe — poses the lowest level of concern. Grey water and black water, however, can carry toxic contaminants.

Gray water — which may come from appliances like your dishwasher, or from your tub — can carry damaging or dangerous chemicals. Black water — like flood water or water that comes from a sewage back-up — often carries toxic bacteria, and if your textiles are submerged or damaged by black water, serious safety issues must be taken into account.

Choice Property Restoration technicians are trained to properly handle all types of water damage, and to recognize the safest and most effective methods of drying, cleaning and restoring all types of textiles.

If water intrusion has damaged textiles in your home or business, call Choice Property Restoration. We can help!


After making sure your home and everyone in it is safe, CPR makes it a priority to help you rescue your home or office contents after a flood or other devastating event. We can help restore many of the special items that you value, so give us a call.

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