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We all know that electronics and water don’t mix. While flood damage will often render electronic items inoperable and in need of replacement, some items — if they’re not energized when they’re exposed to water, and/or not submerged — can be dried, cleaned and restored to pre-loss or even better than pre-loss condition.

Damage to electronics during a flood or due to other kinds of water intrusion can go well beyond what’s immediately visible. Aluminum, steel and copper components inside those electronic items can oxidize, corrode or flash rust. Electromechanical parts, like switches or signal relays, will likely fail when exposed to water. Properly restoring electronic items requires knowing the types of damage various parts can sustain, what parts need to be cleaned or replaced, proper drying approaches and when restoration just isn’t a safe option.

An Important Thing To Know After Water Intrusion: Do Not Turn Anything On

The first thing to keep in mind regarding your electronics after water damage or flooding: Don’t plug anything in, and don’t turn anything on. Doing so can cause an electrical shock or even lead to a fire.

That goes for electronics that haven’t been submerged, too. If you don’t yet know what flooding or water intrusion has done to your electronics or electrical system, it isn’t safe to attempt to use any electronic items. A professional can properly inspect the structure, electrical system and electronic items and let you know when or if it’s safe to use plugs, appliances, fixtures or other electronics.

Types Of Electronic Equipment Choice Property Restoration May Be Able To Restore

DVD players
Many other items

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Restoring Electronics Takes Expert Knowledge And Skill

During the restoration process, Choice Property Restoration technicians can remove standing water/visible moisture, inspect electronics to gauge whether safe restoration can be performed, clean the item and take steps to thoroughly dry and prevent corrosion. An electronics technician can further clean and repair those items, and inspect restored items to be sure they’re ready for safe use again.

The electronics restoration process can include
– Inspecting for electrical hazards
– Cleaning contaminated areas with deionized water
– Using corrosion inhibitors to stabilize metal components
– Cleaning circuit boards with contact cleaner
And More

Saving possessions is our aim, but our focus is also on safety, and that guides our electronics restoration process. After a flood or other water damage, Choice Property Restoration can help mitigate your losses, and keep the safety of your structure and the people in it at the forefront of that process.

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Water-damaged textiles need special handling and know-how to be properly restored. CPR can help restore these and many other damaged specialty items in your home or office

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