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Contents & Specialty Items

When you’ve experienced flooding, protecting the integrity of the structure and the safety of people inhabiting it will be your first concerns, and Choice Property Restoration’s. But we know you’ll also want to do all you can to save the contents and specialty items housed within that structure, and our trained, experienced technicians can help.

All flood damage is different, and the proper methods to restore various items, from furniture to electronics, will vary as well. Choice Property Restoration specializes in balancing safety and functionality while thoroughly cleaning and restoring your treasured belongings.

Items our technicians may be able to restore can include:

We always pretest items to determine whether they can be safely restored, and then use a variety of proven and tested restoration techniques that are designed to take the properties of individual items into account, including (but not limited to):

Dry cleaning – using chemical cleansers, a process that you’re doubtlessly familiar with from dry-clean-only clothing

Foam cleaning – you may have some experience with foam carpet cleaning, and this approach can be particularly useful with textiles that need considerable cleaning but could be damaged with wet cleaning methods

Wet cleaning – A method that can remove heavy stains, but that will only be used on items and materials that can withstand more moisture

How You Can Help

Restoring contents and specialty items following flood damage is a team effort, and Choice Property Restoration will lead the way, but you can help as well.

Document Everything
As long as it’s safe to do so (and you’re not dealing with black water), you’ll be well-served to document all your flood damage, from the structure to its contents, with photos and details. This will help you keep an inventory of losses and help with insurance claims.

Mop and blot standing or excess water where you can
Move items off of floors
Take items off of furniture and tabletops (lamps, etc.), and wipe excess water
Move art or documents to a dry place
Pull area rugs up from floors — particularly brightly colored ones
Add separation between your large furniture and flooring (aluminum foil or blocks can work)

Turn on any of your appliances, electronics or fixtures — you don’t know what moisture has gotten into, and it could be dangerous
Try and vacuum up standing water or moisture with your regular household vacuum

Choice Property Restoration can help restore the flood-damaged contents of your home or business. Call us today!


For the best possible restoration results after all kinds of water damage, CPR adopts a “take charge” approach to getting things dry. Our state-of-the-art dehumidifiers help get the job done and get it done quickly!

Ready Response.

Our trusted team of property restoration experts are standing at the ready to respond immediately when you have a need. We work with all insurance companies to provide fast, comprehensive and critical care to our customers. Things happen. When they do, call us first.
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