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Floors & Carpet

When it comes to limiting water damage, time is of the utmost importance, particularly with flooring. Acting as quickly and efficiently as possible can mean the difference between drying, cleaning and restoring floors and having to replace flooring materials.

Choice Property Restoration not only has the high-tech tools to thoroughly dry your flooded floors, but the know-how and experience to use those tools quickly and efficiently.

Carpet, Tile Or Wood, Water Can Destroy Floors

When exposed to water too long, any kind of flooring will show significant damage. Carpet will discolor, and its backing can come apart (called delamination); wood floors can warp or begin cupping (leaving them in a concave, cup-like shape); grout can crack and tiles can pull up. In the longer term, moisture, if not thoroughly removed, will contribute to mildew, mold and fungus, which are dangerous to the structure and to the people in it.

Choice Property Restoration’s experienced technicians can quickly figure out what kind of cleanup and drying approach is needed, how long that process will take and whether or not your flooring is safely salvageable.

Floor Cleanup And Restoration, Step By Step

When water damage is present (for reasons other than catastrophic events like floods), the first steps in restoring your flooring are removing standing water and figuring out what the source of the water is. Cleanup and restoration can’t occur until we make sure water won’t return.

The drying process will vary depending on the extent of the damage and the type of flooring, but you can expect Choice Property Restoration technicians to use an array of high-tech tools to encourage quick drying, from dehumidifiers to air movers. We’ll also use specially designed meters and cameras to make sure moisture is thoroughly removed.

It’s not just immediate issues like stains that we’re working to avoid — our technicians also work with sanitizers, germicides, deodorizers and anti-microbial treatments that ensure that your flooring will be free of dangerous bacteria and mold and nasty odors.

Our work isn’t done with cleanup — we continue to monitor the drying in order to determine what can be saved and what needs to be replaced, and to plan the restoration process. Restoration can vary from carpet cleaning to carpet and pad replacement — we’ll recommend the best approach to returning your flooring to the level of beauty and safety that was present before the damage ever happened.

Drying Floors With High-tech Tools

Choice Property Restoration utilizes a variety of state-of-the-art tools to dry floors and minimize secondary damage, such as mold growth, and to find any moisture that might be hiding.

We can encourage airflow and evaporation using high-speed air movers across carpets, pads and other flooring.

For wood floors, we can use rescue mats that act like a high-powered surface vacuum, pulling moisture and vapors right out of the wood.

Our technicians also use a variety of powerful dehumidifiers (including desiccant dehumidifiers that absorb water with chemical agents) that remove moisture from the air.

We can detect even trace amounts of moisture in carpets, wood floors and baseboards, and monitor the drying process, using moisture sensors and meters.

Choice Property Restoration can dry and restore your flooring, and we’re here whenever you need us. Call us any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!


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