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Understanding Your Insurance Coverage

When emergency situations strike, you’ll likely be dealing with what is and isn’t covered by your insurance policy as you try to bring your home or business — and your life — back to normal.

Homeowners insurance policies will differ, depending on a lot of different circumstances, but by and large, insurance will cover damage that results from storms (including wind and hail) and fire. Other natural occurrences, such as floods and earthquakes, generally require specific insurance coverage, and don’t fall under most standard policies.

Choice Property Restoration regularly works with all insurance companies, and we can help you navigate the process to quickly get you back on your feet, or back to work, after an emergency event.

Emergency Damage Covered By Most Standard Homeowners Insurance Policies

When a covered emergency situation occurs — such as a storm or fire — insurance will usually cover restoration, repairs or rebuilding of:

Personal property
This can mean furniture, electronics, art, textiles and other items.

This can include repairing or rebuilding your home, from the structure to the systems (including electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning).

Other structures
Repairs to or replacement of a damaged garage, shed or fence may be covered under your policy.

Flood Insurance Coverage Is Different

Standard homeowners insurance policies generally don’t cover flood damage — to protect yourself and your home against flood losses, you’ll need to explore specific flood insurance.

Flood insurance policies will usually include coverage that spans from floor to ceiling related to flood damage.

That can mean:
The building and foundation
Systems (including electric, plumbing and heating/air conditioning)
Appliances (refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers)
Personal property (electronics, clothing, furniture)

However, it’s important to know that many flood policies have specific clauses about mold, mildew or other moisture issues that could have been reasonably avoided.

Our technicians can help you avoid unnecessary moisture or mold damage — we use industry-leading moisture and mold detecting tools and mitigation and remediation practices, and have been dealing with minor and major mold issues for more than 35 years.

Your specific coverage, overall, will depend on your individual policy, but we’re here to work with you and your insurance company to ensure the best emergency response results possible.

Choice Property Restoration is here to help — when you need us, we’ll “respond in a heartbeat.” If you have questions or concerns about your insurance policy and how it relates to our services, call us!

Ready Response.

Our trusted team of property restoration experts are standing at the ready to respond immediately when you have a need. We work with all insurance companies to provide fast, comprehensive and critical care to our customers. Things happen. When they do, call us first.
Understanding Your Insurance Coverage

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