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Can a Meth House Be Saved?

There are currently no national regulations on exactly how to cleanup former meth labs.  Sometimes scrubbing and painting is all that is necessary to restore a former meth lab to a safe living environment.  Sometimes, contamination is so broad and extensive that the inside of the building needs complete renovation.  The removal of meth from a home is a difficult process, as the chemicals used in the production process saturate deep into the walls, carpets, and ceilings.  The cleaning up of former meth labs ranges from minor cleaning to complete demolition of buildings.  Some meth labs require soil and/or groundwater cleanup as well, depending on the extent of how and where chemical wastes were managed.

Not all houses previously used for meth labs are equally dangerous. However, do not attempt to clean up on your us.

Not all houses previously used for meth labs are equally dangerous. However, do not attempt to clean up on your own…call us.


The chemicals used in the production of meth pose serious health risks to a home’s new inhabitants, as many of them are known carcinogens (cancer-causing agents).  Some common symptoms of exposure to these chemicals include headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, sore throat, skin and eye irritation, and respiratory (breathing) problems.  Acute (short-term) exposures to high concentrations of some of these chemicals can cause severe health problems including lung damage and burns to different parts of the body.

It’s important for potential homeowners to be aware and able to spot the indicators that a home may have been used as a meth lab.  Most home inspectors don’t test for methamphetamines; because of this, it’s important that you not rely on the inspector to alert you of any potential meth problems.  Some indicators are:

  • The smell of ammonia, acetone and/or paint thinner.
  • Windows appear to have been blacked out or frosted (but without cold temperatures, moisture or condensation).
  • Your eyes begin to water, itch and burn, or you get a metallic taste in your mouth.
  • Areas of grass an/or vegetation appear completely dead (can be due to the dumping of chemicals into the lawn).
  • Signs of burns on the countertops, floors, and/or carpets that could have been caused by fires or chemicals.
  • A red or brown discoloration on the walls, ceilings, cabinets, countertops, and/or carpets.
  • Red rings and stains in the toilet and bathtub (from pouring chemicals down the drains).

It is advised that property owners exercise caution and use the safest possible cleaning practices in dealing with a former meth lab property, as there could be residual contamination.

Since this is an emerging problem, there is currently no official guidance or mandatory national regulations on how to clean up a former meth lab property for reoccupation.  Until a former meth lab has been properly cleaned up, no one should enter the home without appropriate personal protective equipment.  The safest way to clean up a former meth lab is to hire an environmental company trained in hazardous substance removal and cleanup.  At Choice Property Restoration, we are on your side.  Call CPR      at 615-886-7989 to schedule an appointment today.  We’re the company that responds in a heartbeat!

Finding Leaks: The Right Tools Matter

Don't wait until water comes pouring in. Early leak detection can spare you from bigger problems.  Call us now and we'll do the rest!

Don’t wait until water comes pouring in. Early leak detection can spare you from bigger problems. Call us now and we’ll do the rest!

No matter how well your home or business’ structure is built, it’s always going to be susceptible in some form or another to water damage. Water tends to be tricky like that — there’s a lot you can do to halt it, but moisture has a knack for zeroing in on even the smallest weak spots and then spreading damage quickly.

That’s why it’s key, when water intrudes into your space, to quickly find the real source or sources of a leak and shore them up. Going on a hunch, when it comes to water detection, is a surefire way to end up with future headaches. At Choice Property Restoration, we specialize in leak detection, using state of the art tools that can accurately detect even the most well-hidden leaks efficiently and quickly.

The longer moisture is able to stay in your structure, the more widespread damage occurs — from ugly stains to weakened building materials and mold growth. And if you only find and fix the secondary damage, but don’t deal with the main source, you’re headed toward more damage, more headaches and more repair and restoration work. We use the tools and take the steps to do the job right.

Some Of The High-tech Leak Detection Tools Choice Property Restoration Uses

Choice Property Restoration’s experienced technicians make use of a variety of industry-leading tools to ensure that we figure out your leak quickly and completely.

Moisture Meters

We use several different types of electronic moisture meters to find water problems that aren’t readily visible. Pinless or non-invasive moisture meters use high-frequency radio waves to detect moisture in materials like drywall, wood or concrete without having to damage those materials. We also use penetrating moisture probes to detect water that may be trapped deep in highly absorbent building materials like insulation.


These help us monitor how far intruding water has spread into a space, which can tell us whether moisture is hiding under your flooring, for instance, so we can keep you from developing odors and mold and mildew.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras almost work like X-ray glasses for CPR technicians — we use these to scan areas with potential moisture issues, and even if that moisture is deeply hidden, it’ll show up on our cameras with a cooler temperature reading than dry building materials. Once we know where the problem is, we can start the process of repairing and restoring.

Those are just a few of the specialized tools our highly trained technicians use. Ultimately, if water is hiding in your structure, we’ll find it, and help you return your home and business to a dry and completely restored state. If you have a moisture problem – or are worried that you might – just call Choice Property Restoration. We’d be happy to help!

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