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Residential Emergency Planning

Don't just sit there and wait for disasters to strike, prepare yourself and your family.

Don’t just sit there and wait for disasters to strike, prepare yourself and your family.

Natural or other disasters can strike suddenly at any time, and anywhere. A disaster can damage or destroy your property, force you to temporarily live somewhere else, cut your wages and other income, and/or ruin valuable and irreplaceable records, pictures and other keepsakes. The important thing is to begin planning now, before the unexpected becomes a harsh reality. The professionals at Choice Property Restoration can help you develop an emergency response plan that’ll leave you feeling as prepared and confident as possible.

The Importance of a Disaster Preparedness Plan

The American Red Cross, among many organizations both locally and nationally, encourages all households to make the commitment to planning for the “What if…” scenarios. Your family may not all be together when a disaster strikes, and because of this, it is important to plan for certain things in advance:

  • How you’ll get to a safe place;
  • How you’ll contact one another;
  • How you’ll get back together;
  • What you’ll do in various situations.

Taking a little time to work out the potential kinks on the front end will reduce the likelihood of serious problems on the back end. You’ll be better prepared to safely reunite your family and loved ones during an emergency by thinking ahead and communicating with others in advance.

The CDC encourages you to choose two places to meet in the event that you’re separated during an emergency: one place should be right outside your home in the event of a sudden emergency (e.g., a fire), whereas the other place should be outside your neighborhood in the event you can’t return home and/or are asked to evacuate. Everyone should know the address and phone number and how to get there.

Once your family is prepared, it’s time to look to your neighbors. In times of disaster, your neighbors will probably be the first ones available to come to your aid. Find out what resources your share and how you can work together for the common good should a disaster strike.

Disaster preparedness planning isn’t only for Californians, Midwesterners and Gulf Coast residents. Most communities can be impacted by several types of hazards, and knowing what to do before, during and after an emergency is a critical part of being prepared and can make all the difference in the world when seconds really count. Contact us at your earliest convenience to see how our trusted staff can provide you with the confidence of knowing that you’re doing everything within your power to prepare yourself and your family for all of the possibilities in an attempt to set your mind at ease.

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