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Avoiding Fire Safety Fails

Everything has risks. Knowing what those risks are and how to reduce them is the secret to success. When a fire does happen, time is of the essence. With an increasing number of people using grills, there is a greater risk for accidents that can result in serious injury or property damage.

Fire Safety When Grilling - Nashville TN - CPRNash

It is summer in Tennessee and that means its grilling time for many residents. Although, outdoor cooking is a long-cherished tradition for most families, it also increases the possibility of fire-related incidents and injuries tremendously. Gas grills constitute a higher risk, having been involved in an annual average of 7,200 home fires in 2007-2011, while charcoal or other solid-fueled grills were involved in an annual average of 1,400 home fires. The Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office urges outdoor cooks to keep fire safety in mind as they fire up the grill this summer and make sure the only thing going up in smoke is dinner.

According to the Tennessee Fire Incident Reporting System (TFIRS), fire departments responded to more than 180 fires involving grills, hibachis, or barbecues from 2009-2013. These fires caused two civilian injuries, three firefighter injuries and $5,147,312 in direct property damage. Cooking outdoors has its risks, but they can be reduced by taking the right precautions and following safety procedures.

To help keep your summer cookouts fire safe, the Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office offers the following great grilling tips:

  • Before using a gas grill, check the connection between the propane tank and the fuel line. Make sure the Venturi tubes – where the air and gas mix – are not blocked.
  • Do not overfill the propane tank.
  • Grills should be positioned at least 10 feet away from your house.
  • Do not wear loose clothing while cooking at a barbecue.
  • Be careful when using lighter fluid. Do not add fluid to an already lit fire because the flame can flashback up into the container and explode.
  • Keep all matches and lighters away from children. Teach your children to report any loose matches or lighters to an adult immediately. Supervise children around outdoor grills.
  • Dispose of hot coals properly – douse them with plenty of water, and stir them to ensure that the fire is out. Never place them in plastic, paper or wooden containers.
  • Never grill/barbecue in enclosed areas – carbon monoxide could be produced.
  • Make sure everyone knows to Stop, Drop and Roll in case a piece of clothing does catch fire. Call 911 or your local emergency number if a burn warrants serious medical attention.

Emergency doctors nationwide are familiar with grilling harm. They say would-be barbecuers are routinely burned, singed and blistered in accidents caused either by faulty grills – or the faulty habits of their operators.

Following the guidelines above and keeping safety your main priority while grilling can help make your summer cookout memorable for all the right reasons. Choice Property Restoration is a locally owned and operated company. We live and work in your community and strive to make us all safer and ready to respond, not if, but when something happens. In the event you have a fire mishap, call CPR at 615-886-7989 or schedule an appointment online. Remember: we’re the company that responds in a heartbeat!

Help, My House Stinks!

Can't breathe in your own home? If your home stinks (literally), find out what's causing it and address the problem ASAP.

Can’t breathe in your own home? If your home stinks (literally), find out what’s causing it and address the problem ASAP.

Ideally, our homes are a source of comfort — our place to escape from the world. But it’s hard to feel comforted when a persistent, foul odor is wafting through your hallways.

The worst part about bad odors in your home — as if the stink itself wasn’t bad enough — is that a foul odor generally isn’t the problem itself, but a symptom of your actual problem. Odors might be an indication of a leak, or of subsequent mold growth, and those need attention before you can do anything to remove bad smells.

If mold is part of the problem, it can also be dangerous to fail to treat the problem properly — mold spores have been shown to contribute to a variety of health problems, particularly with people who suffer from respiratory illnesses like asthma.

Choice Property Restoration specializes in treating home odors and the problems that cause those smelly symptoms — so if you’re dealing with a smelly home, we can help.

If you smell a musty, old basement-like odor

A dank and musty odor — what we all imagine when we think of an old cellar — is generally alerting us to water damage, and potentially mold.

First, we need to find the source of any moisture intrusion — and that isn’t always obvious. At Choice Property Restoration, we use a variety of high-tech leak detection tools, like moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras, that allow us to locate even the best-hidden leaks.

Once we locate moisture problems, we can stop leaks, and clean, dry and restore materials, from carpets to walls. If mold has developed, our technicians are trained to properly mitigate mold problems safely and thoroughly.

If you’re struggling with animal odors

From misbehaving pets to invading raccoons and possums, animals can unfortunately leave some truly frustrating odors in our homes. With our specialized equipment, we can find the specific areas that are damaged and clean and deodorize materials that need attention, getting your air clear again.

Was there a smoker in your home?

Cigarette smoke can feel impossible to get rid of. Even after relatively short amounts of exposure to tobacco, smoke residue will keep that smoky odor lingering, and candles and fresheners do little to cover it up. We’re equipped with the tools and training to get rid of lingering smoke odors after a house fire — so as tenacious as tobacco smoke is, we can tackle it. If you’re getting ready to sell your home, or just bought a new home that still bears the habits of the previous owners, we can help get rid of that frustrating (and home buyer-deterring) smell.

If you’re holding your nose when you walk through the door, don’t worry — Choice Property Restoration can help remove almost any odor problem. Give us a call!

After a Devastating Fire

A Checklist for After the Fire

One of a homeowner’s worst nightmares is a house fire. It happened. Most importantly, you survived. And you managed to save your home, but you aren’t really sure what to do next to get your home ready for in-habitability. Here is a checklist to help you know where to start:

  • Stay in contact with your insurance company as you recover to ensure you are in compliance.
  • Make sure you have permission from the Fire Marshall before re-entering your home.
  • Hire a reputable restoration company — sometimes your insurance company will make recommendations. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to help you choose. This is critical because these professionals have information about how best to clean up in a way that maximizes what you can keep and keeps your family safe.
  • Start the clean-up effort as soon as you are able, the longer the soot stays on your belongings and the home, the harder it is to remove.

    As soon as it is safe to re-enter your home, clean up needs to begin. Different kinds of fires leave differing residue, so consult a certified professional.

    As soon as it is safe to re-enter your home, clean up needs to begin. Different kinds of fires leave differing residue, so consult a certified professional.

  • Decide what is the most important to you to try and recover. This is where a restoration company can really be helpful. Some items are too expensive or impossible to recover. Others may be more affordable and do-able.
  • Open up windows to get air circulating inside. Before removing valuables and personal items, take pictures before touching and place in a plastic bag.
  • When you enter, wear thick rubber gloves, a dust mask and goggles (to protect your lungs and face), and thick-soled boots. Bring a flashlight — even in daylight. Safety is of upmost importance.
  • Document, document, document. Be ready to take lots of pictures.

Remember, a fire is an emotionally draining experience, as well as a physically draining clean-up. Seek support from family and friends. Remember, there are many people in your community you can also turn to. Here is a brief list to contact:

  1. The American Red Cross
  2. Civic organizations
  3. Department of Social Services
  4. Local humane society
  5. Your insurance agency
  6. Nonprofit crisis counseling centers
  7. Religious organizations
  8. Salvation Army

Recovery and restoration are going to take time. It won’t be easy. Finding the right people to help can minimize the on-going stress.

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