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Air Duct Cleaning for Clean Air

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With summertime allergies adding to the sniffing and sneezing throughout the day, you want you air in you home to be as clean as possible.  Even with the humidifiers and air sprays you purchase, there are still particles floating around that are impossible to see.  Your air ducts can help or hurt this situation depending on how well they are taken care of.  If you have questions or need to schedule an appointment with the professionals call Choice Property Restoration today!

Cleaning Your Air Vents - Nashville TN -

When should your air ducts be cleaned?

Even though it sounds like something that should be done often, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that you don’t have air ducts cleaned on a routine basis, but only when it’s needed.  However, if you have a fuel-burning furnace or fireplace, it is important to have the ducts checked out for functioning issues to prevent any chances of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

How do you know that it is time for cleaning?  One of the main warning signs is when you see mold growing inside of the ducts or on parts of your heating and cooling system.  You may not be able to see the mold growing, so your technician will be able to spot any that is hidden during a full inspection.  Sometimes mold that is found is just a false alarm, so be sure that whomever your hire is experienced.  If you have the type of air ducts that are insulated, they will need to be replaced and not just cleaned.  You also need to have checks for insects and rodents, and be aware of any extra dirt that may be coming into your home.  It is important to also make sure that after cleanings and repairs that your ducts are functioning properly.

Can unclean air ducts affect the health of my family?

Even though the average member of your family may not feel the symptoms of dirty air ducts, people with allergies or other illnesses may be more sensitive.  This will worsen as you allow problems to go without being fixed.  This is another reason it is important to hire a professional.  This can prevent mistakes during cleaning and minor repairs from becoming worse later.

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